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IMPORTANT: Vaccinations at St Boniface House

Important information for patients who have been invited to attend an appointment at St Boniface House for a COVID-19 Vaccination. Watch a short instructional video about your visit from Dr Will Kumar.

Please click here and carefully read the information sheet to prepare for your vaccination appointments. 

Your appointment date and time will be on the text message you received. Please note, patients who attend that do not have a booked appointment will be turned away and asked to wait until they are invited. 

How to find St Boniface House (Google Maps)
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine - patient information leaflet
AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine - patient information leaflet
Guidance for Older Adults
What to expect after your vaccination


Exercise is a vital way of improving both our physical and mental health. It is also crucial to anybody wishing to lose weight.

Once you have found a form of exercise you enjoy, do it:

  • Often enough - 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes
  • Hard enough - to make you feel breathless
  • Long enough - it must become part of your life for good.

Ways of Exercising

Exercising can be difficult for a variety of reasons but often regardless of age and mobility there are ways of doing some. Even small amounts can be important. The NHS Website provides some helpful tips and ideas of exercising.

Exercising in Totnes

There are a great many activities which can be undertaken in and around the Totnes area. In addition to the great many walks and cycling opportunities, below are links to local business, health clubs or sporting teams which offer a wide variety of exercise opportunity.

The Healthy Lifestyles Team can help you - call them on 0300 4561006 (local rate) for a personalised assessment.