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Home Visits

Please telephone before 11.00am if you need a home visit. 

We would encourage all patients who feel ill to attend the surgery if at all possible. This allows us to assess you in a safe environment with access to your complete computerised medical records and our wide range of diagnostic equipment.

Visits, by their very nature, also require more time to complete compared to what can be achieved during the same period on surgery premises - often three or four patients can be seen in the time it takes to make a single house call.

We readily acknowledge, however, that for some patients it is either impractical or indeed uncaring to ask you to attend due to the severity of your illness, or you are housebound or receiving palliative care.

Please telephone before 11.00am if you need a home visit in such instances. This will help us to plan our rounds prior to afternoon surgery and avoid unnecessary delays. Describing your symptoms to the receptionist will help us prioritise the more urgent cases first. As doctors, we may initially phone you back to discuss your problems.