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IMPORTANT: Vaccinations at St Boniface House

Important information for patients who have been invited to attend an appointment at St Boniface House for a COVID-19 Vaccination. Watch a short instructional video about your visit from Dr Will Kumar.

Please click here and carefully read the information sheet to prepare for your vaccination appointments. 

Your appointment date and time will be on the text message you received. Please note, patients who attend that do not have a booked appointment will be turned away and asked to wait until they are invited. 

How to find St Boniface House (Google Maps)
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine - patient information leaflet
AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine - patient information leaflet
Guidance for Older Adults
What to expect after your vaccination

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    Routine antenatal care is overseen by a dedicated midwife attached to our practice. Debbie Gue holds weekly clinics at the surgery on Tuesdays. If you become pregnant you will be offered a booking appointment with her.


    Patients on warfarin therapy are monitored regularly and dosage changed accordingly using a finger-prick method of blood sampling. The patient has the convenience of a local service and rapid assessment of INR and future dosage regime all within a 10 minute appointment. Patients are advised to bring with them their 'yellow book'.


    It is recommended that all patients with asthma and COPD have a yearly review. Jackie Holt, one of our practice nurses, has specialist training in this area.


    Patients with known blood pressure issues are advised to have twice yearly checks so that appropriate management can be continued. Such checks can be performed by any member of the clinical team.


    These are offered by the practice nurses or Dr Sally Sheppard on appointment. The test involves the painless sampling of cells from the neck of the womb to detect changes that occur before cancer develops. We recommend 3-yearly checks for women between 25-50 years of age and 5-yearly checks for women between 50-65.


    6 week newborn checks are conducted by Dr Sally Sheppard who is usually able to undertake a mother's postnatal check at the same appointment.


    These are nurse-led and offered throughout the year.


    We like to see patients with diabetes on a regular basis to help them manage their condition well. Julie Frost is a diabetes specialist nurse with much experience working at both hospital and community level. Patients are sent letters generated by our computerised recall system to remind them when to book their diabetes clinic appointments.


    Dr James Cooper prescribes for opiate misuers under a shared-care scheme with the Devon Drug Service.


    All doctors at the surgery can provide contraception advice and prescriptions, as well as pre-conception counselling. We also have an excellent working relationship with the Torbay Sexual Health Service which offers family planning services at its centres in Torquay (Castle Circus) and Totnes Community Hospital.


    All GPs at the surgery can undertake joint injections for a range of musculoskeletal complaints.


    Prof. Nick Cooper is trained to perform a variety of minor surgical procedures under local anaesthetic including removal of warts, verrucae and other small lumps and bumps. A clinic is held by appointment generally on Wednesday or Friday afternoons monthly.


    Blood samples can be taken each weekday up until 3.00pm with our healthcare assistants.


    It is recommended that everyone over the age of 65 should be immunised to help protect against pneumococcal infection which can cause diseases such as pneumonia, septicaemia and meningitis. We provide this immunisation with one vaccine being lifelong.


    In the UK, the Department of Health recommends annual flu vaccination for adults aged 65 and over, pregnant women, those living in long-stay residential homes, healthcare workers and carers, and all those aged six months and over with any of the following conditions:

    • Serious heart disease
    • Chest problems including certain asthmatics on steroid inhalers or steroid tablets, those with chronic bronchitis and emphysema
    • Serious kidney disease
    • Diabetes
    • Lower immunity due to disease such as cancer or an absent or dysfunctional spleen and treatment with chemotherapy or high doses of steroids
    • Serious liver disease
    • Anyone who has ever had a stroke or mini-stroke
    • Those who have cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and related or similar conditions or hereditary and degenerative diseases of the nervous system or muscles or severe neurological disability should be assessed individually by their GP

    Immunisation is undertaken each autumn with the practice offering two Saturday morning 'flu clinics' to ensure patients are able to access it. We publicise these dates in advance so please keep an eye out for details.


    All members of our nursing team are specifically trained to offer support and encouragement for patients wanting to give up smoking. Advice is available on the range of therapies including nicotine replacement therapy and oral medication.


    Patients travelling abroad either for business or pleasure and needing vaccinations are requested to complete a Travel Risk Assessment Form at least six weeks in advance of travelling. The nurses will give health advice as well as administering the vaccinations. Unfortunately, there is a charge for certain immunisations and vaccinations not covered by the NHS.

    Please click here to access the risk assessment form.