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IMPORTANT: Vaccinations at St Boniface House

Important information for patients who have been invited to attend an appointment at St Boniface House for a COVID-19 Vaccination. Watch a short instructional video about your visit from Dr Will Kumar.

Please click here and carefully read the information sheet to prepare for your vaccination appointments. 

Your appointment date and time will be on the text message you received. Please note, patients who attend that do not have a booked appointment will be turned away and asked to wait until they are invited. 

How to find St Boniface House (Google Maps)
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine - patient information leaflet
AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine - patient information leaflet
Guidance for Older Adults
What to expect after your vaccination

Quality Information

  • Catherine House Surgery is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which regulates all health and adult social care services in England, including those provided by the NHS.

    The CQC makes sure that nationally agreed standards of quality and safety are being met where care is provided and has a wide range of enforcement powers to take action on behalf of people who use services if they are deemed to be unacceptably poor. 

    The CQC aims to make sure that the voices of service users are heard, asking patients to share their experiences of practice services which helps to form the focus of their reviews.

    We support the '5 Essential Standards of Care' for our patients:

    1. To be involved and told what is happening at every stage of their care.
    2. To have care, treatment and support that meets their needs.
    3. To be safe.
    4. To be cared for by quality staff.
    5. To know that we constantly check the quality of our services.

    Leads for particular areas:

    1. Child safeguarding - Dr James Cooper
    2. Infection control - Julie Frost
    3. Clinical commissioning - Dr Nick Cooper
    4. Medicines management - Dr James Cooper