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IMPORTANT: Vaccinations at St Boniface House

Important information for patients who have been invited to attend an appointment at St Boniface House for a COVID-19 Vaccination. Watch a short instructional video about your visit from Dr Will Kumar.

Please click here and carefully read the information sheet to prepare for your vaccination appointments. 

Your appointment date and time will be on the text message you received. Please note, patients who attend that do not have a booked appointment will be turned away and asked to wait until they are invited. 

How to find St Boniface House (Google Maps)
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine - patient information leaflet
AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine - patient information leaflet
Guidance for Older Adults
What to expect after your vaccination

Test Results image Test Results

  • Please telephone the surgery after 2.00pm for results of blood tests or investigations.

    Doctors go through results sent electronically to the surgery every day, recording if:


    The result is deemed to be either "normal" or "satisfactory". We will NOT routinely contact you if this is the outcome.


    We feel that the result requires further attention - this can involve asking you to come in and see us in person, repeating a test after a set period, or offering/changing a particular treatment strategy (for example, antibiotics in cases of confirmed urine infections).

    Our policy for managing results where action is required is as follows:

    • We make two attempts to speak to you by telephone
    • If no response is raised, a standard written letter will be sent to your registered address asking you to contact us


    Regardless of our own in-house procedures for managing results, we like patients to take an active role in their healthcare and therefore would always encourage you to contact the surgery to discover the outcome of any tests you have undergone. This may mean that we occasionally 'double-up' on our communication but ultimately if provides a very safe approach to managing your problems.

    Unfortunately, due to issues of confidentiality, we can only provide limited information to relatives of patients unless we have previously received express permission.

    Please also be aware that although we often receive and process blood tests within 48 hours, the results of other investigations, such as x-rays or ultrasound scans, can take a few days more. As doctors, we will usually advise you of the likely wait when these tests are requested.